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Hometown Oxygen specializes in Respiratory Therapy Services.

Respiratory Therapy Visits:

    HomeTown Oxygen provides equipment along with respiratory services to residential customers with a wide variety of respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA); emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis; restrictive lung diseases and lung cancer.

Respiratory Therapy Equipment:

    Oxygen Concentrators & Tanks

    An oxygen concentrator is an electrically powered device which converts room air into oxygen. A backup system, usually a stationary compressed gas system, must always accompany a concentrator in case of power failure or other emergency. Regular household current is sufficient for its use

    Liquid Oxygen Units

    A stationary liquid oxygen system includes a reservoir in which oxygen is stored, a flowmeter, connecting tubing, and a mask or nasal cannula. As the oxygen moves through the coils of the system, it warms and returns to a gaseous state, allowing the patient to breathe the product. This system does not require electricity or need a motor to operate. These units must be filled by one of our patient service technicians on a biweekly or monthly basis. High liter flow or very active patients may require this system.

    A portable liquid oxygen system is used in conjunction with the stationary system. A patient is taught to fill the portable directly from the stationary unit. The portable functions in much the same manner as the stationary system.

    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices (CPAP)

    The CPAP system is an electronically operated unit which uses a motor and a blower to maintain the air flow necessary for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

    OSA is a serious, potentially life threatening breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. OSA may be associated with irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Approximately 20 million Americans suffer from OSA but only 2 million cases have been diagnosed.

    The CPAP system treats OSA by providing low-pressure airflow to the airways via a nasal mask which fits over the nose, or nasal pillows, which are inserted into the nostrils. Air pressure holds open the airway, preventing collapse of the palate and tongue over the air passage. The result : normal breathing and uninterrupted sleep.

Medical Equipment & Supplies:

    Home Town Oxygen also provides a wide range of home medical equipment and supplies to help improve the quality of life for respiratory patients with special needs. Basic categories of equipment are:

    Ambulatory Equipment: canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs.
    Hospital Room Equipment: hospital beds and bedside commodes.
    Bathroom Equipment: bath and shower benches and elevated toilet seats.

    Support Surfaces: pressure pads and mattresses, for patients at risk for developing pressure sores or decubitus ulcers.

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